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Members Info

Name MSU Title Phone E-mail
Abraham, Jimmy Asso VP Dev & Alumni and Executive Director, MSU Alumni Assn 323-5459
Abraham, Patti Director, Research and Curriculum Unit 323-5459
Allen, Albert Professor of Agricultural Economics 323-8256
Ammon, Vernon D Professor of Plant Pathology 323-9740
Bauman, Leslie Professor of Physics and Astronomy 418-5889
Bennett, Lloyd W Toxicology Chemist 617-1597
Bennett, Susan Clinic Nurse, SHC Clinic Care 323-3049
Bhansali, Krish Professor of Political Science and Public Administration 324-8116
Bland, Wayne Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning 338-1951
Bluhm, Louis Professor of Sociology 263-5886
Boyd, Catherine Interim Director, Human Sciences 323-3169
Brodnax, H.D.(Doss), Jr. Specialist, Extension, Director of Rural Development Center & Courtesy Prof of Ag Econ 323-9543
Brown, Joseph M. Professor of Mechanical Engineering 323-7660
Brown, Larry G. Head of Civil Engineering 312-4041
Browning, Ned E. Professor of Ag Communications & Ag Ext Ed 324-1187
Bryant, James A. Professor, JD, Business 323-2277
Buehring, Normie Research Professor, NE MS Branch Exp Station 662-844-4906
Bushby, Phil Professor, CVM 312-5654
Carpenter, June Professor of Human Science 323-5244
Clynch, Edward J. Professor of Political Science and Public Administration 323-0485
Cosby, Art Director, SSRC, and Professor 325-7127
Cottrell, William Director of International Partnerships 617-2855
Couvillion, Warren Professor of Agricultural Economics 323-5776
Croft, W. Lawrence Professor of Physics and Astronomy 323-8127
Daniels, Bob Extension Professor of Forestry 662-418-4496
Davis, Frank M. Adjunct Professor of Entomology 418-1432
De La Cruz, Armando Professor of Biological Sciences 324-1424
DeLouche, James C. Professor of Agronomy, Plant and Soil Sciences 323-2310
Dill, Anna L Director of the Learning Center 418-7805
Downer, Don Professor and Head, Microbiology in Biological Sciences Dept 323-7803
Emison, Jerry 324-8212
Ezell, Andrew Switzer Distinguished Professor of Forestry and Dept. Head 418-2490
Farris, Joe R. Assistant to the President 312-0263
Feig, Doug Professor of Political Science and Public Administration 323-7906
Ferguson, Joe Professor of Physics and Astronomy 312-8368
Fisher, Thomas H. Professor of Chemistry 323-7528
Forde, Connie Professor and Head, Instructional Systems and Workforce Development 312-0722
Frank, Barbara School and Career Counselor 323-0538
Fuquay, John W. Professor of Animal and Dairy Sciences 323-8106
Gaines, Lynn P.
Gallik, Debbie Administrative Assistant, Veterinary Medicine 323-6240
Gilbert, John Provost 324-5035
Gilbert, Kathie Professor of Economics and Political Science and Head of Finance and Economics 324-5035
Giles, William Assoc. Professor, Political Science 312-9441
Goree, Mike Instructor of Marketing/Quantitative Analysis 323-6217
Grimes, Paul Professor of Economics and Associate Dean 620-308-6085
Hamil, Burnette Professor, Curriculum and Instruction 601-692-3436
Hargrove, Nancy William L. Giles Distinguished Professor of English 323-6941
Harkness, John E. Professor of Veterinary Medicine 324-2830
Haug, Jim Professor of History 323-7482
Haug, Ruth Assistant Research Professor and Coord of Admin and Res Services, SSRC 323-7482
Hawkins, Elizabeth MS Research Consortium, MSU Cordinator & EPSCOR Asso Dir 323-1654
Herndon, Bill Assoc VP, DAFVM 312-0249
Hodge, B. Keith Professor of Mechanical Engineering 324-1758
Hodge, Gayle Instructor of Learning Skills and Reading 324-1758
Hodges, Julia Executive Associate Vice President 418-2674
Housley, Warren F. Professor & Head, Counselor Ed and Ed Psychology 323-8492
Ivy, Roscoe MAFES Agronomist 436-7667
Jackson, Donald Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries 325-3133
Jarratt, Ann Counselor 418-7364
Keith, Edwin Adjunct Assistant Prof of Counselor Ed/Assoc. Dean of Students 323-2828
Killcreas, Wallace Professor of Agricultural Economics 323-6089
Klein, Stephen Professor and Head of Psychology 323-4083
Knecht, Thomas W Head of Agricultural Communications 706-754-1445
Lindig, Patricia Assistant Professor of Human Sciences 323-7250
Longest, Betsy 615-9062
Lyon, Duane E Professor of Forest Products 324-1426
Matta, Frank Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences 323-2540
Mauldin, Ellen D. Associate Professor of Library Science 323-1408
Maynor, Natalie Professor of English 601-366-9877
McDaniel, Lindy Associate Professor of Counselor Education 719-221-4502
McLaurin, Barbara Specialist, School of Human Sciences 418-8274
McLaurin, P C Extension Professor and Leader, Center for Government Technology 312-5092
Milam, Edward E. William L. Giles Distinguished Professor of Accountancy 324-0567
Miller, James G FWRC, Wildlife and Fisheries 904-545-5990
Miller, Ruth
Minchew, Sue Associate Dean of Education 418-3370 323-7471
Monts, David Professor of Physics 662-323-7455
Moore, James (Elton) William L. Giles Distinguished Professor of Counselor Education 324-7126
Morgan, Cindy Research Professor, RCU 312-8980
Morgan, Wallace Professor and Head, Poultry Science 323-2331
Morse, David Professor and Head, Counseling, Ed Psyc and Foundations 323-7002
Morse, Linda Professor of Counselor Ed Psy, and Special Ed 323-7002
Myles, Albert Extension Professor, Community Resource Development 312-3110
Mylroie, Joan Instructor of Geography 324-1272
Mylroie, John Professor of Geology 324-1272
Nettles, Debbie Publications Editor, Agricultural Communications 312-6337
Nordin, Dennis S. Author, Agriculture 617-0515
Parrish, William E. Professor of History 324-1683
Phillips, Jr., Robert L. Professor of English 323-8075
Pitre, Lea Ray L. Administrative Secretary II 323-5477
Pope, Margaret Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction 436-8514
Rafferty, Phillip Library Employee 324-3060
Ray, Ann Assistant to Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Reese, Donna Professor, Computer Science 418-5563
Reese, Robert Associate Professor, Center for Cyber Innovation 324-3563
Reeves, Gloria Associate Director of Career, Instructor of Counselor Ed, Ed Psychology 418-7905
Reinschmiedt, Lynn Associate Dean, Agriculture 323-5775
Remy, Keith Editor, Head, Ag Communications 324-3599
Rigsby, John Associate Professor of Accountancy 662-694-1582
Rivenburgh, Chuck Director, Technology Commercialization 324-3843
Ruby, Roy H Vice President of Student Affairs 324-1304
Sartor, Martha Ray District Director, MSU Extension Service 601-270-7440
Smith, Garry Professor, Management 324-0420
Sparrow, Charles A. Professor, Chemical Engineering 324-0331
Spurlock, Stanley Professor, Ag Economics 662-694-1184
Steeby, James Associate Professor, Extension, Thad Cochran WW Aquaculture 662-822-8541
Street, Joe Professor, Associate Director, MSU Extension 347-8896
Stumpf, Arthur Associate Professor, Animal and Dairy Sciences 320-2065
Su, Chun Fu Professor of Physics 324-0195
Swain, Margo Professor of Social Work 323-3926
Taylor, Gareth (Steve) Exec Dir Ctr for Distance Learning 312-4605
Taylor, Jan Professor of Human Sciences 324-3440
Taylor, Walter N. Professor and Associate Dean, College of Ag
Thompson, Joe F. William L Giles Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering 323-8185
Thompson, Roy T. Business Manager, CVM
Thorne, B. Michael Professor of Psychology 694-0274
Thorne, Wanda Publications Editor, Agricultural Communications 617-2403
Thornton, Mary M. Instructor of Learning Skills 324-0082
Tilley, John L. Professor of Mathematics 323-5960
Tomlinson, John Lobbyist 323-7613
Tomlinson, Susan Lecturer of Plant and Soil Sciences 323-7613
Underwood, Joe Ray Professor of Counseling 323-8969
Verrall, George Dean of Economics 323-6481
Wall, Diane E. Associate Professor, Political Science and Public Administration 323-8379
Watson, Vance Vice President, Agriculture 323-6652
Weatherly, Charles Director of Development, Ag, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine 617-0948
Wells, Graham Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, P. E. 323-3095
Wells, Wayne Professor, Soil Sciences 324-9219
Williams, Clyde Professor of English 323-2936
Wise, Dwayne Professor of Biological Sciences 324-1669
Wiseman, Marty Professor of Political Science and Public Administration 323-9258